Today, specialists in all medical fields have an excellent opportunity – to improve their skills or undergo retraining in this new field – aesthetic medicine in very short time frame. Furthermore, at this moment it is possible to even change their medical profession, or make your professional circle more knowledgeable, enabling it to provide a more comprehensive approach to the problem your client has, to become more useful, and as a result more and more popular. In fact, training increases the prospects for your professional growth, provides an opportunity to move into an adjacent profession, to improve knowledge in a particular subject, to gain the skills to solve practical problems.

In addition, advanced training – is a mandatory requirement not only the employer or your clients, but also such areas as aesthetic medicine. Annually changing standards and requirements in the course of which you need to be to remain professionally relevant. WAAMPS offers several educational programs that meet World standards that are guaranteed to raise your level of knowledge and credibility among patients and open up new horizons in the field of aesthetic medicine.


Present time requires a professional doctor not only quality performance but also a constant update and replenish your knowledge. It was developed for this training program. Leading American experts have developed programs that allow doctors for a short time (4-5 days) learn new skills in the field of aesthetic medicine, improve the professional level, and to add the necessary knowledge in the professional field.

An important argument to be trained in WAAMPS is that information about the drugs used in aesthetic medicine is a complete and unbiased specific manufacturer. Program has been successfully tested in the US, UAE and Europe, and now Hong Kong and China doctors have the same opportunity.

In The World Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery you get a unique opportunity to experience “first hand” from the American doctor, owner of numerous awards and prizes of global importance, such as: “One of the 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in New Millennium”, “One of the top 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the World, “Doctor of the Years (California, 2010), President Award for Outstanding Achievements in Plastic Surgery ” and many others.

The final argument – the professionalism of Dr. Krakovsky trust their appearance some Hollywood stars, (most stars chose not to disclose such details). Believe me this doctor has something to share with you!

  • Nelli

    After visiting Dr. Krakovsky’s office, I got my confidence and self-esteem back. This is exactly what I need for my business life and for my personal life. Doctor Krakovsky has golden hands!
  • Sasha

    Dr. Alexander Krakovsky put on me all his artistic talents and surgical skill and as a result - I feel like a woman again. Life began to shine with new colors and new horizons.
  • Natalie

    Having visited many specialists, I am so grateful to my friend, who, after graduation from Aesthetic Medicine Course conducted by Dr. Krakovsky , strongly advised me to go only to him for Aesthetic Procedures. And she was absolutely right! I feel wonderful now.
  • Milana

    I forgot about my wrinkles and even can afford not to apply makeup anymore! Ladies, believe me, Doctor Krakovsky knows a key to the individual beauty of every woman!