Day 1 – The World of Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatology

Everything you Need to Start up Aesthetic Medicine Practice. Hands-on Training in Aesthetic Dermatology and Minimum Invasive Surgery in Every Medical Office.

Day 2 – Botox for Whole Face

24 Indications for Botox Injections which Completely Eliminate all Signs of Facial and Body Aging. Hands-on Training in Total Body Procedures that Require Botox Injections.

Day 3 – 3D Vectoring Facelift, a Facial Volumizing Procedure

The Latest Cutting Edge Technology in Aesthetic Medicine. Hands-on Training in Non-Surgical Liquid Face Lift.

Day 4 – Total Face Skin Regeneration Therapy and Aesthetic Phlebology

Plazmolifting as an Advanced Promoter of Skin Healing and Tissue Repair/Regeneration Optimizer. Hands-on Training in Total Face Skin Rejuvenation, Aesthetic Phlebology. Cosmetic Sclerotherapy as a Total Solution for Varicose Vein Without Surgery. Hands-on in Cosmetic Varicose Vein Treatment in Every Medical Office.

Day 5 – Human Skin Beauty from Inside Out.

Everything about Skin Biological Clock and its Hormonal Support. Newest and Up-to-Date Medical Information Supplementing Aesthetic Medicine Practice.

Come and join us in Hong Kong. You receive everything you need for your aesthetic medicine practice!

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