WAAMPS Certification and Diploma Course at the Global Conference in Barcelona, Spain

June 24-26, 2021

Course Time and Duration

  • Morning Session – up to 3 hours theoretical – includes PowerPoint presentation
  • Afternoon Session – up to 3 hours practical – includes doctors practicing on each other

Beginner Program – 2-day course filled with theoretical and practical application consisting of the simple aesthetic indications for Botox and Fillers.

Upon completion of the Beginner Program doctors earn the Certificate from the World Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery registered in the American Medical Board of California. This Certificate allows doctors to take the first step in Aesthetic Medical Business. Note: The most popular topics are Botox and Fillers for the face rejuvenation and augmentation.

Advanced Program – 2-day course filled with theoretical and practical consisting of super advanced indications for Botox (24 indications for Botox injections).

  • Includes the use of the cannula for Fillers injections and Botox for Medical management in addition to Aesthetic indications.

Upon completion doctors will earn the Diploma from the World Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery.

Note: Doctors interested in Board Certification in Aesthetic Medicine must pass written and oral tests in addition to completing the two-step course.

Continued Education

After receiving Board Certification, doctors can attend multiple mini fellowship programs that significantly extend their knowledge in Aesthetic Medicine Field. Plastic Surgery Training programs, specifically minimally invasive Liposuction Surgery performed in the office setting under tumescent solution anesthesia is a good next step.

Course Variations

This general setting, obviously, can be modified based on local requirement and might include skin care program, PRP, Stem Cell Therapy, acne treatment, dark spots removal, dark circles treatment (under eyes), thread lifting, dermabrasion, mesotherapy, non-surgical breast augmentation, non-surgical buttock augmentation and many more.



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